Fence Post Leadership

Fence Post Leadership

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No one ever does anything of significance alone, but it is often said that it is lonely at the top. How do we grapple with this paradox? As a leader you’re expected to have all the answers, but how do you know:

- how and when do you plant a church?

- what kind of sacrifices are necessary?

- how do you manage momentum?

- how do you leave or transition well?

All while creating healthy rhythms in your life?

Fence post leadership comes from a perspective that we all know well. A turtle that finds itself high up on a fencepost knowing that he could never have gotten there alone. This is a story of God’s Grace. Even when we think we have everything under control, we find ourselves in positions that we know we could not have achieved on our own, sitting at tables we are under qualified for or speaking to audiences that far exceed our expectations. Wondering, “How did I get here?” and better yet, “Now that I’m here, what’s next?”

God has placed you in a position of leadership, and He has you there for a purpose. Know that He specializes in using the unworthy, the unqualified, and the not-so-smart people to confound the wise.  Join Dr. Conway Edwards on this incredible journey of God’s grace and His love.

 Let’s GO!